November 15, 2019

SIT Lecture Theatre 123, School of Information Technologies Building (J12), University of Sydney




9:20 Welcome

9:30 A Data Layout Description Language for Cogent, Christine Rizkallah (University of New South Wales)

10:00 Flogent: Information Flow Security for Cogent, Vivian Dang (University of New South Wales) slides

10:30 Break

11:00 Combining Testing With Formal Verification in Cogent, Zilin Chen (CSIRO Data61, University of New South Wales)

11:30 Logic with Performance: The Hybrid Approach, Lyndon Henry (University of Sydney)

12:00 Experiments with String Analysis, Kostyantyn Vorobyov, Yang Zhao, Raghavendra Ramesh, Padmanabhan Krishnan (Oracle Labs Australia) slides

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Decidable Subtyping for Path Dependent Types, Julian Mackay, Alex Potanin, and Lindsay Groves (Victoria University of Wellington), Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University)

14:30 Extending Moth to Support Types as Objects, Erin Greenwood-Thessman, Michael Homer, James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington) slides

15:00 Affogato: Runtime Detection of Injection Attacks for Node.js, Sora Bae, François Gauthier, Behnaz Hassanshahi, Alexander Jordan (Oracle Labs Australia) slides

15:30 Break

16:00 Met-Rec: A Type-System for Staged Meta-Programming of Recursive Types, Isaac Oscar Gariano​ (Victoria University of Wellington)

16:30 Incremental Datalog Prototype in Souffle, David Zhao, Pavle Subotic, Bernhard Scholz (University of Sydney) slides

17:00 Close