SAPLING 2007.2

10am-4:30pm, November 12, 2007

Engineering Theatre, Building 32 (Engineering), Australian National University


9:55-10:00 Welcome and Introduction

10:00-10:40 Invited Talk

William Waite, University of Colorado, "Compiler Construction – A Declarative Approach" abstract

10:40-11:10 Break 1

11:10-11:30 Talk 1

Manuel M T Chakravarty, University of New South Wales, "Generic Programming with Type Families" abstract

11:30-11:50 Talk 2

Len Hamey, Macquarie University, "Domain-Specific Characteristics of a Machine Vision Library" abstract

11:50-12:20 Break 2

12:20-12:40 Talk 3

Ben Lippmeier, Australian National University, "Graph Colouring Register Allocation in the Glasgow Haskell Compiler" abstract

12:40-1:00 Talk 4

Cristina Cifuentes, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, "Parfait: Layered Program Analysis for Bug and Security Vulnerability Checking of C Code" abstract

1:00-2:30 Lunch

2:30-2:50 Talk 5

Roman Leshchinskiy, University of New South Wales, "Proofs in Haskell" abstract

2:50-3:10 Talk 6

Andrew Appleyard, University of New South Wales, "Salsa dancing with .NET in Haskell" abstract

3:10-3:40 Break 3

3:40-4:00 Talk 7

Robin Garner, Australian National University, "Effective Prefetch for Garbage Collection" abstract

4:00-4:20 Talk 8

Daniel Frampton, Australian National University, "Generational Real-time Garbage Collection" abstract

4:20-4:30 Closing, planning discussion